Judge Anon



Michelle Rodriguez wants you to read LAZARUS.

(Well, actually, I think she wants to play Forever, but, you know, the one could lead to the other…).

Mostly, I’m blogging this because it’s MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ and she likes our book! And that’s reason enough. So there.


Also, did you see the other books she had on her hands?

holyfrittata said: I love the one of him in side view holding the stub gun (? Errr some gun)

Good eye! That is in fact the Stub Gun, from the Apocalypse War. That particular pic is also the cover for the Carlos Ezquerra Collection vol 2.

Also, here’s an extra pic I found on my folder while looking for that cover!

Carlos Ezquerra draws Judge Dredd.

Sometimes I feel like coloring his work should be banned.

Git hype.

Git hype.


The Ninth “WhiteEyes” Shes… a ninja biker assassin… She’s a combination of a few characters from my old canon. Basically, several of the villain’s are put in place to kill the heroes (Bluestreak, Redstreak, Hardlight, Napalm, etc…) Cassandra here, is a burned spy who couldn’t tell you what shadowy mercy agency she used to work for. Given a sample of the serum and a renewed license to kill, she’s been charged with the task of pacifying any and all other “infected” and could very well do it, being drastically more trained than the rest of the cast.

I suppose her fighting style is mix-up/teleporting/mma style with a knife.

She likes bikes.

She dislikes people who notice/stare at/mention her bad eye.

She really doesn’t like Redstreak.

She has one good eye, and one really terrible eye, don’t look at it.

Michelle Rodriguez, ladies and gentlemen.

The vid pic kinda ruins the surprise, but someone asked “If you could play any superheroine, who would you want to play and why?” and she goes straight for gold.

Dunno if ruckawriter has seen this yet, but that’d be some titanic team-up right there.

Bruce Lee with a braid, people.

Bruce Lee with a braid.

Portraits of Reconciliation

In a world where forgiveness, reconciliation and second chances seem to be severely overlooked or downright forgotten in favor of grudges and endless cycles of violence and hatred, these people are a ray of light.


Guardians of the Galaxy - Cosmo the SpaceDog cut-out doodle


Guardians of the Galaxy - Cosmo the SpaceDog cut-out doodle